What Stores Sell Profiderall? CVS, GNC, Walgreens?

which stores to purchase? Hey so my friend has been taking Profiderall Cognitive Energy complex throughout the school year and told me that he believe it is really helping with his academic performance. He believes he has much better mental energy, memory, concentration and motivation to put in the long hours at the books. He has spent quite a bit of money on these things and recently actually gave me half a bottle to sample profiderall pills myself when I told him that I was particularly stressed about a couple of night courses I am taking on top of working a full time job.

I finished up the half bottle of this study and brain supplement and was pretty sold on this product and have been looking to buy profiderall myself. I have searched the local stores and such but have no luck finding them. Reading reviews online and looking for them apparently you can buy them in Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart and GNC? I have had no luck locating them here in in Washington. Does anyone know what stores sell Profiderall in store? I have found places to order them online but I have had bad experiences with online ordering and prefers to purchase in store. If you could leave a comment if you have found them in Washington that would be great.

My Review & Experience

I have never taken any ‘brain supplements’ or herbs meant for this and was actually surprised at how well it worked. It seemed as the 2 weeks went on the product was helping me quite a bit and there might be a build up the vitamins and such in your system that start to work over time. I had way better attention span and a vastly improved mood. I am a slightly depressed person, especially under stress, and this seemed to alleviate some of the symptoms on top of helping me to be more productive. If I can’t find anywhere that sells profiderall in stores I might try some of the alternatives and competition products, but I would like to see how this stuff performs after more than just a 2 week sample period. Thanks to anyone with info!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Visitor: Patrick Lince on
May 10 2013


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