Natural Alternative to Vyvanse? Addtabz as an OTC Vyvanse Supplement

Vyvanse or Lisp (Generic Name) is a new prodrug approved to treat ADHD in children and adults. It differs from similar amphetamine based psychostimulant A.D.H.D medications in its formulation to be less prone to abuse and misuse. Vyvanse is actually inactive at first, and requires time in the body to be converted to the Amphetamine type of compound that many people have been abusing, selling and purchasing illegally, leading to quite an epidemic amongst drug addicts.

While this new prodrug is indeed less prone to abuse because an addict cant quickly inject, snort, or ingest the addictive stimulant based component, it still carries a high rate of negative side effects, health concerns and dependency / withdrawal problems as it is still becoming the addictive and dangerous chemical inside the body. As such, an effective and more natural substitute to Vyvanse medication is desired by many, and Addtabz tries to provide that option in a safer and over the counter way.

Why Addtabz as an OTC Vyvanse Supplement: While in no means as potent as the prescription medication for many purposed, addtabz reviewers do state a heightened and noticed positive effect while on the supplement. Increased focused, clarity, focus, concentration, mental ability and other beneficial effects are noted. It is affordable, especially when compared to the cost of buying illegal prescription many drugs, which unfortunately far too many professionals and college students have resorted to in a desperate attempt to keep up or stand out and have peak performance. This type of drug dependency leads a horrible path and as such a milder, legal, and healthy Vyvanse alternative like Addtabz is a logical explanation.

Addtabz is formulated with safe Nootropic and stimulant type of ingredients and as many reviews of addtabz show, it can be quite effective for the various mental functions that Vyvanse is known to correct.

Addtabz: Learn About Ingredients, How it works and where to buy: See the link below to visit the official website where you can find more information on addtabz ingredients, find the cheapest prices and where to buy addtabz online and in stores today and to read the latest in consumer and user reviews of this natural over the counter supplement.


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  1. I just received addtabz in the mail today and took 2 and it honestly works! Of course not as much as vyvanse or adderall but you can definitely tell the increased energy and focus! I’d definitely recommend it 🙂

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