Where to Buy Addtabz – Online and in Stores CVS GNC

Since the whole new nootropic buzz has caught on and more and more people have been hearing of products such as Addtabz/Profiderall/AddieUp as effective and over the counter alternative and substitute to such drugs as Ritalin, Adderall and Vynase, many people have been looking to purchase this product. It is very hard to find in stores, and if you are outside of the USA you seem to be sweet out of luck. For shoppers looking up where to buy Addtabz, we recommend you use the official store here by Gentech Pharmaceutical.

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Online ordering through the main store is a simple and streamlined process with discounts and sale price savings on order of 2 or more bottles (free shipping included at 4+ month dosage supply). If you are wondering where to buy addtabz, the store is the best and most secure and has payment options for people holding Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Shipping is done via Fedex in the US with 2day and overnight options available for an increased fee. Shipping to other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom have an international option available for $27.90 at the time of writing (states 2-4 business day delivery… Most other countries have shipping via DHL international for a price around $40 and as such we recommend making a larger order and taking advantage of savings, so you are not paying for shipping many times.

Where to Order Online & Shipping Internationally?

Where to purchase in Canada – Canadian customers will have a hard time finding this product in-stores and as such the official online store is recommend for Canada. (link at bottom of page)

Where to buy in Australia – Shoppers in Australia should double check there is shipping to their region from the online store (most major areas are) and will be able to buy addtabz online with DHL international shipping for australians being recommended.

Where to order in UK – Very few places sell in store in the united kingdom, but the official online retail site does ship to all people that purchase in the UK. International shipping costs to the U.K. go up from $27

Ask your own question about ADD TABZ using the form below

Please feel free to ask and inquire about this OTC focus, study and attention substitute using the contact form people, we encourage visitors to talk and discuss the product as well

Any stores selling or for purchasing in shop? GNC? CVS?

A lot of visitors and search questions are starting to come through for places that are selling this in shop and offline. There aren’t very many online retailers carrying this so if you are looking locally for it you may be out of luck. We would recommend checking the bigger pharmacies like Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and GNC for purchasing in store, from time to time, but for now the best best is to be purchasing online through Gentech to ensure the absolute lowest prices. See the special link below today’ cheapest possible discounts, sales or coupons:



  1. So I don’t have a credit card and would really like to try out this product, but i can’t seem to find it locally at all here in united kingdom. You think by now that this company would have tried to get it into retail locations for consumers if it really works as good as they say. I don’t want to have to borrow my mum’s card just to place an order online.

    Has anyone out there found a place where you can buy addtabz in stores in the UK? I don’t mind driving as i have a friend who told me the product is great, and I am really interested in trying it, just a damn pain in the arse to get your hands on this stuff!

  2. I have bought this before and got a deal when i clicked on a banner at the gentech page to get 3 or more bottles, I have just checked out the website and this deal doesnt appear to be there anymore?

    Also, does anyone know of any addtabz coupon codes? From my experience products and websites like this ussually have coupon discounts, i have been looking around online but havent been able to find any.

    1. I am unaware of any coupon codes for Addtabz at the moment, and am constantly looking out for them. Ill definitely remember to send an email to the one you provided when you filled out the comment form, the second I find any kind of discounts or options on pricing.

      It appears the bullk offers on 3 or more banners were just changed, but if you add it to your cart and update you should see in the bottom right the savings you get from ordering multiple + bottles.

      Good luck!

  3. So is there a way to buy addieup with Paypal? I have some old money in a paypal account from a transaction on ebay and would like to use it up and try out this product as a couple peeps at my college have been on it recently and seem to be rather perky and enjoying it, cant find anywhere on the website to order with paypal, or am I just blind?

  4. I’m about to go on vacation for a couple weeks and was just about to purchase some add tabz online when I thought about shipping times… they dont really give you an estimate on how long it will take to get to canada outside of the major city center. Anyone can comment on how long it will take to get form the states to canada? id hate to order it only to have it delayed at customs or something and to not have it in time for my trip

    1. Well I havent personally placed an order to canada myself or have talked to any canadians in particular, there is always a chance of delays at the border with customs and such. If you are in a big rush and truly worried about it, I would say to wait until you get back, would really suck to be excited for your parcel only to figure out yuo missed it by a day or two. If you are not leaving ASAP chances are very good however that shipping will be handled in time, like i said i havent heard of any complaints, which is a good thing!

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