In-Depth & No BS Evaluation of Addtabz

About addtabz

A comprehensive look into this “Study and Smart Drug”

About Gentech & Ampheta CDP: Who is it for? Today’s society is hectic, competing and demanding, very demanding. People are required or expected to be productive, and the ones that fall behind are left in the dust. The stress and demand of our jobs and education can be overwhelming and start a vicious cycle and many students and workers have been turning to supplements, products and even drugs to get a mental and physical edge in our day to day lives.

We are asked to focus and concentrate for long periods of time and to work diligently on tasks that are easy to lose concentration and interest in, we get behind and get trapped in a snowball of demand. Gentech Pharmaceutical’s business was to create a product that could help with cognitive function and mental agility, allowing for greater levels of attention, mental alertness, memory, and various other mental capacities.

So I decided to look into this Adderall alternative. Is it truly effective? Who could benefit most from such a product? College and University students seem to be in love with these types of supplements, searching for any advantage they can get… needing to study and work hard to stay up with the course load while maintaining other responsibilities and daily life the extra productivity and alertness goes a long way. Tech workers, entrepreneurs and white collar business people seem to be loving these ‘nootropic’ type of brain supplements as well, allowing for better, more organized efficient and productive work. Below is some information on this product and some answers to some popular questions consumers may have about a nutraceutical such as Gentech’s new ‘smart’ pill.

Active & Main Ingredients: What in it?

Gentech’s lists the products ingredient under the proprietary formula Ampheta-CDP and uses some fancy scientific sounding marketing to draw in the emotional buyers. I am a huge critic of this, preferring a more transparent and straight forward approach to describing a product to your customers. Doing some digging around and research I found out the active and main ingredients that make up this concoction and the science and research that supports the claimed effects and benefits of the product:

Methylhexaneamine: Also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine or DMAA, Methylhexanamine is studied and shown to provide mental alertness, attention, concentration and clarity. Users report a ‘tunnel vision’ effect to tasks, making you forget outside distractions and more solely focused on that which you are doing. It works essentially by stimulating neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.

Choline-CDP: Also known at Citicoline it has been shown to improve brain function by increasing a chemical found in the brain known as phosphatidylcholine. Users report memory and brain function benefits and it has also been studies to help fighting age related brain function decline.

It is suggested that it can be used for increasing the production of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system like noradrenaline, dopamine and acetylcholine which are responsible for a great deal of mental functions.

Octopamine-HCL: Suggested and studied that it increases ability to learn and remember through its ability to increase phosphatidylcholine in human brain cell membranes.

1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine: Essentially this is pharmaceutical grade Caffeine Anhydrous extract. Works with the other ingredients to bring out full effect, provide energy, increase energy and a host of other positive effects when combined with the other ingredients.

Is it legal: Over the counter available?

The company has chosen to market it as an “Adderall Alternative” which is kind of silly if you ask me but makes sense from a business standpoint with an ever growing number of people abusing and depending on Adderall to increase performance. Adderall is essentially a prescription grade (illegal without prescription) central nervous system stimulant commonly prescribed to treat attention deficit disorders and problems. Addtabz’s aim is to provide the same benefits through more natural and safe ingredients (Adderall has been shown to be addictive and dangerous narcotic strength stimulant). It is available for purchase without a prescription and there are no reports of some of the more common dangers of the prescription medications. One of the ingredients, DMAA does appear to be banned by some sports organization as a performance enhancing supplement, so if you are a competitive athlete it will be important to check if you are allowed to take this particular potent performance ingredient.

Negative Side Effects – Is it Safe?

Side effects Searching the web, reading research and science journals on the ingredients and going through as many user addtabz reviews as I could find, the product appears to be very safe. (Although you should still check with your doctor before starting any supplement, especially a potent one like this)

I recommend starting off with a smaller dosage and gradually working your way up to allow your body to adjust however, as many people will not be used to the potency of the ingredients.

Common side effects are similar to any stimulating product or nutraceutical, with a very small percentage of people reporting mild negative side effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Mood Changes (Well Being, Euphoria, Irritability)
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Hyper activeness

Again these seem to effect a very small percent of people and be mild, although as mentioned above one should always check with their qualified medical professional for any underlying health issues and work up the dosage slowly to assess the product.

Tolerance & Dosage? Is it Addictive?

People tend to experience a tolerance effect with supplements, as they get used to the effects of the product both mental and chemically. Over time you start to notice the beneficial effects less as you are accustomed to them. On another level your body also adjust to the effects of the ingredients. Professionals recommend taking the smallest effect dose for this reason and to occasional ‘cycle’ out the product to allow your body to down regulate to the effects. I read the suggestion of taking at least 4 weeks off after regular usage between 8-10 weeks for example. The product would not seem to be chemically addictive, but on a personal level a person could get attached to the beneficial effects of the supplement.

Does It really work? Or is this a rip off / Scam

Customer Review So many dietary products and nutritional supplements are obviously just trying to take advantage of the customer for a profit. There are many scam products trying to take advantage of the latest trends and wishes of the market and they use fancy and misleading marketing to overcharge and undelivered.

So I guess this is the most important question of all, do addtabz really work as expected? Gentech uses a lot of fancy marketing jargon themselves trying to increase sales, and I think its important as consumers to not be fooled into quick emotional buys. One must not read the copywriting and assume a product is a magic or miracle pill of sorts… nothing is ever going to be, and believe me if it was the word of mouth would travel so rapidly they would sell out instantly!

The simple answer is that yes, it does really work as intended but it’s not going to have an enormous impact on your life overnight. A person with an internet connection can research the individual ingredients and see the scientific proof that the product will indeed improve the various cognitive functions and act well for the purposes it promotes. With realistic unhyped expectations the average consumer should be quite pleased with the beneficial effects, as the various customer reviews and ratings seem to generally give a strong consensus towards.

Consumer Testimonials & User Reviews

One of the greatest tools we have as consumers is the freedom of speech and global reach of the internet. I took to the internet to find real research, testimonials, evaluations, comparisons and no BS Addtabz reviews to figure out if this product was a rip off or not. While a few people weren’t completely satisfied with the product the vast majority were happy with the purchase and value of the product. This is about the best way I know to figure out if I want to buy a product for myself and it is worth it. Viva la internet and its transparency, the bad products and rotten apples get publicly ousted pretty quickly these days!

Latest Customer Review

The latest critique and evaluation I found was from a busy College student who was also making a full time living in online business, an obvious person that could use the mental productivity and performance benefits proposed by this supplement:

do they really work I heard about this product from two friends at school that both started taking it together at about the same time. They had similarly heard about through word of mouth and decided to give a shot. They said that it really helped them with studying, particularly late night reading. I was really intrigued by that because after all my hobbies, job and classes during the day I am required to hit the books but really have always struggled with it. Dosing off, staying attentive without becoming distracted by every little thing, and even just actually absorbing the information I was investing so much time into was HARD. (That’s so frustrating when you power through a chapter and then realize you were in zombie mood and don’t even remember what you just read.

This really is good for making all of that much easier. I could stay awake, absorbed much more, didn’t reach for my phone or laptop even 1/10 as much as before and within a week the results starting to pay off big time.

I have heard lots of similar stories now but what I really like about the product is the variety of other ways it has made my life better, simpler or easier. I noticed several benefits besides schoolwork in the first couple weeks like:

With Competitive Focus / Gaming: I play soccer and also play a lot of first person shooter type video games. If I have recently taken an addtabz pill before doing any of these activities, I am much more intensely participating in it. It’s like the cross-hairs in the video game is all I see, or that running as fast and deliberate as possible is all I’m thinking about. In a way it makes you think MORE by making you think less. I don’t know exactly how to articulate that. You are doing more because you are thinking less.

With Fitness & Working out: I try and hit the gym a few times a week and instantly I loved the change to my workout while taking this. I would spend a whole lot less time between sets and exercises thinking, pondering and walking about. Just sit at my machine, listen to the music, and rock through a workout with ‘steely eyed focus’ as I heard another reviewer put it. Definitely feel very serious and intense when lifting weights while under its effects.

With my job performance: I have to do a bunch of boring data entry and such at my job and I would do it at a sufficient pace to make my boss happy before, but it was always a crazy bore. Now it’s like I tear through it, and surprisingly doing more ‘work’ actually has made me happier at work. Funny to realize that being lazy was actually making me unhappy, that I was avoiding working hard and as such was less happy. A really big epiphany actually and I’m sure my boss is pretty happy, I was trying to get away with doing the least amount of work possible before, but now am actually more happy to do more.

With my day to day mood: More than just feeling good about my job there is something in this products ingredients that is a different mood booster. The initial euphoria and great energized feeling I got when I first started it has worn off, but I do still feel like I’m in a much nicer and happier mood and person to others. I heard that it works by affecting neurotransmitters like dopamine, and I know that some antidepressants work on stabilizing those, so perhaps there is a similar effect to antidepressants in one or more of the ingredients.

Anyways thought I would leave a quick review as I have found this to be a great product that has improved my life in those various ways, I never write reviews, but hopefully others see the same benefits as well, I am better person, at least I feel and act that way.

Addtabz vs Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, etc.

Gentech markets there product as a legal, more safe and natural and over the counter available alternative to prescription medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse and Ritalin. This is bound to be a bit confusing and misleading to some consumers. It’s important to realize that while the product does use ingredients that work in the same fashion (central nervous system stimulants, etc..) as the medications, and produces similar effects, they are not in the same type of categories. People should consult with their doctor prior to starting, stopping, changing or replacing prescription medication usage.

Compare Vs Profiderall, Addieup, AdderRX, Alpha Brain

There are several products that are marketed and formulated very similarly to Addtabz currently available. Popular alternative include Profiderall, AddieUp, AlphaBrain, Brain Stack and AdderRX.

I read through lots of material to make sure that Addtabz was indeed a solid competitor. It seems to be favored in effectiveness to the competition and be fairly priced. Some of the other products contain less powerful herbs and vitamins it would seem but may produce less side effects. Addtabz is a great start for finding an effective, affordable and strong product but you may want to try the alternatives one by one to find what is most cost and performance effective for your goals! Please send in your thoughts and comments if you have tried or compared the differences of Addtabz vs Alpha Brain vs BrainStack, addieup, profiderall or any similar product currently available!

What Stores Sell it locally?

A popular question I see people asking is where can I get or find Addtabz in stores? After spending a lot of time looking for local retailers I realized that not many physical locations are carrying this supplement yet. It is a relatively new and less brand recognized supplement that the big stores like GNC, Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart and other places don’t seem to be carrying (at least in my big city)

I expect this to change as it continues in popularity. If you know of stores selling Addtabz please fill me in using the comment form at the bottom. To find the cheapest place to purchase this product see the section and link below to get the lowest pricing I can find at any given time.

Can I purchase in the UK, Canada, Etc…

The official store does offer international shipping to what appears to be almost all counties, with cheaper and more expensive priority options available (1-3 days international) Prices do vary searching the UK, Canada, Australia and other places so you will have to add to your cart at the website through the link below to calculate and see price, shipping options and when it will arrive.

Any Coupons & Discount Codes?

coupon codes & discounts Lots of places occasionally offer coupon codes and discounts. At the time of writing I wasn’t able to find any active discount codes but will continuously update this page with the latest available deals and cheapest prices. If you are aware of or have any special discount codes to share with potential customers please let me know using the comment form below this page!

Everyone will qualify for discounts on multiple bottle orders (the more you buy, the bigger the savings) and there are free shipping promotions on multi-bottle orders which can save you quite a bit on shipping costs!

Check back occasionally where I will be keeping an eye on and have alerts set for any changes in pricing, sales, deals and discounts available!

Payment Options & PayPal

A couple people have asked what the payments options are and if you can order addtabz with PayPal. At the time of writing (I update regularly) major credit cards and Google Checkout were available as payment options on the official homepage. You can find a link below to see the latest payment options available. Google Checkout is fundable from several sources as well so if you don’t have a major credit card you can visit Google to see your other options for paying for your order.

Shipping Options: When will I get my order

A popular question. It depends where you live really but most of the continental US will receive their order within 48 hours. Shipping options vary from time to time and place to place so you will have to visit the shopping cart part of the official website to see the official times and prices of shipping & handling.

You can find that through the link at the bottom of the page.

*Note that you start qualifying for free shipping as you order more than one bottle at a time so take advantage of those savings as well if you expect to be placing repeat orders in the future!

Where Can I Purchase Addtabz at the best price.

Where to Purchase in stores This is the most popular question for consumers trying to save cash and get the absolute best deal. As mentioned above, the product is fairly new to the supplement market and doesn’t come with a big brand name and as such many of the popular supplement and regular stores are currently carrying it in shop. There are a few wholesalers offering it online but they all seem to be jacking up the prices to make a greater profit. Over the course of a month of price watching the absolute best price seems to be online directly at the manufacturers website.

I will continuously monitor pricing to update the link below to reflect the best deals and cheapest option. If you find other places selling it in store, for cheaper or know of any great deals please fill me in using the comment form to help me display the deal to potential shoppers!


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