No BS review of AdderRX – Rating, Strengths, Weaknesses

Hey all long time supplement and performance junkie here and just thought I would leave my own quick little review of Adderrx after hearing about it on a bodybuilding message board and deciding to try it out as a pre-workout and workout focus supplement.

I have tried many similar substances like Addtabz that make it sound like some miracle pill, so I am quite able to give an accurate assessment on its efficiency for the above reasons. I am no expert however and everyone will react differently so make sure that your health is in good order before trying such a strong stimulant and do your own research for yourself before deciding to spend your hard earned money buying something like AdderRX or any energy supplement for that matter.

Ordering / Shipping / Package / Pills:

I called around and wasn’t able to find anywhere that you could buy adderRX in stores or locally so I took to the internet. Not many resellers available here and quite a few eBay scammers it would seem so I decided to order directly from the company that makes them. Ordering, shipping and customer service was up to par with nothing bad nor especially good to report. Packaging was plain and the pills will easy enough to swallow without any lingering bad after tastes or burps (anyone that has tried a lot of supplements will know how unpleasant some products burps and after taste can be)

Focus & Concentration:

reminded me quite a bit of my previous favorite pre-workout supplement before it got reformulated, Jack3d, so this was a huge find for me. I used to love that stuff and so I loved that ADDERRX was similar in feeling to my old fave product. The focus and concentration was very noticeable in the gym and last the entirety of one of my long 2 hour weightlifting sessions, a lot of products fall short in this area and only last an hour or so it seems so very impressed with this part.

Energy & Alertness:

Great mental clarity and tunnel vision. I was absolutely distraction free and the energy and alertness was not of the shaky or nervous type that so many energy products give. Really happy with the clean lasting energy surge this stuff gave me

Value / Pricing:

Not the cheapest on the market and I’m sure you could go ahead and find all the ingredients in its Nuphetamine HCM proprietary blend and make your own pill for cheaper. But for sure convenience and overall value I would say it is decent. You would have to search through and try a lot of products to find something as effective for cheaper I would think.


Really liked it. It wasn’t perfect but it did surpass my expectations. I’ll admit I didn’t expect much and was ordering out of habit and curiosity, but it was a pleasant surprise and I would recommend it to my inner circle and keep taking this product myself.

I’ll give it an 8/10 which is actually quite generous for me. Nothing amazing, but definitely much above the regular money stealing crowd in the supplement game.

Pros & Cons of AdderRX Review

review of adderrx I have tried several of these ‘cognitive enhancer’ blends and pills in the past and although I liked a few of them I always felt that there was probably a better mix of ingredients and herbs out there so I decided to keep looking for the best one. I had some success with Add tabz in the past and when I was researching similar products I stumbled across some AdderRX and Nuphetamine HCM reviews online that made me decide to give this product a shot. From an ingredient standpoint Adder RX seemed quite similar to Addtabz which I liked because like I said I had lots of luck with Addtabz compared vs Profiderall, Addieup and other supplements available.

I was quite happy with Nuphetamine HCM (the proprietary blend name of NexGen BioLabs AdderRX product) and like I thought it reminded me quite a bit of Gentech Pharmaceutical’s AddTabz Adderall Substitute pills. They seemed to last a little bit longer although there was times when it felt like I might be better off taking a second pill (maybe not as much as one of the ingredients and stimulants I react most favorably too)


Cost wise it was affordable compared to some of the other pills on the market. It isn’t exactly cheap but from a value vs effectiveness level this particular supplement rates well.

Side effects were minimal. I did have headaches one day that I forgot to take them, and taking a double dosage one day where I was particularly desperate resulted in a very fast heart beat and some extra sweating, again maybe not the products fault as I attempted to take double.

Focus & Attention were noticeable high about 1-3 hours into the dosage. This seemed to start dying down at about the 3 hour mark, so I would take them closer than that to any task you really wish to go full force at.


Maybe not as much as some of the other sups. This is the ingredient I think affects me most and it would seem this product has slightly less of this active ingredient.

Bottle sizes are limited. Some of the other products allow you to get smaller and bigger supplies, where AdderRX is only available in 30 counts.

Tolerance may be an issue but I haven’t been using it long enough to determine that. I guess that can be avoided by upping the dosage as tolerance kicks in, but that will negate some of the price / value


Really liked this product and will continue to report and leave a more detailed adderrx review as I finish up my 2 bottles. Seems like a good solid option compared to some of the other products that are currently popular in this niche.